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Romantic Redondo Beach Proposal and Engagement

Kenny & Katelyn


Did I mention I absolutely love shooting proposals?! While the wedding day itself is usually the bride's work of art, the proposal is where you truly see the guy's heart for the love of his life.

Ready to propose to Katelyn, Kenny planned every detail of the special day far in advance. The morning of, he picked up the ring and got ready for a long romantic walk along the beautiful coast of Redondo beach with his unsuspecting future fiancé. Meanwhile, their closest friends decorated the gazebo where he planned to propose with sea shells and flowers. Once everything was set up, their friends and myself hid in the nearby bushes until the beautiful couple arrived. I loved that once they were within earshot, you could hear Kenny and Katelyn laughing their entire walk up to the gazebo. Talk about adorable!

Standing in the gazebo together, the two of them soaked everything in for a moment while looking over such a beautiful scene of the ocean. Once Kenny gave the signal, their friends ran out of the bushes surrounding the couple and sharing the special moment when Kenny got down on one knee and asked Katelyn to be his wife. Overwhelmed with joy and happiness and surrounded by people she loved, Katelyn said yes!

Thinking of tying the knot yourself?

Every proposal and engagement is unique, exciting, and special. You need a photographer you can trust to tell your story and capture your precious moments in a creative, elegant, and artistic way.

Contact me if you are interested in booking a proposal or engagement.

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