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Rachael & James at Vasquez Rocks

Rachael & James

Vasquez Rocks Nature Center

They say, "When you know, you know!" This couldn't be more true for Rachael and James, who got engaged only two weeks after they officially met. Now they have been married for 5 and a half years and have two adorable dogs to complete their beautiful little family. They love taking their dogs out on their dates whether they are hiking, soaking up the sun at a dog beach, or having lunch at a park while the pups play together. Could these two be more perfect?! <3

“Funny story, we met online! He was in the army, stationed in Texas, at Fort Hood. I lived in a really small town a few hours away and was thinking about moving out of state with a friend of mine to see new things and get out of the small Texas town for a bit. So I created an online profile to see if I would be able to meet people in my area and just get used to the app before I moved. I wasn't looking for any sort of relationship seeing as I was leaving the state in a couple months. I got a lot of messages from random guys that wanted to hook up that I just deleted, but one day I had a message from a guy that messaged me just to say "hey, how's it going?". He was way too cute not respond to, and he sounded from his profile like a really cool guy. He was from California, like to scuba dive, he was really adventurous, and not to mention really hot hahaha. He wasn't looking for a relationship either, he just wanted to meet some people from Texas in the area, since he was going to be there for a couple years. We started out just talking about our lives and quickly came to realize we had a lot in common and something clicked right away. We talked over the phone and Skype for about a month, then I decided to drive out one weekend he had off and meet this guy. Two weeks later almost to the day we got engaged.” – Rachael

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